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  How do I sign up for Pandora for Business?
  What do I need to get started?
  What is the difference between Pandora for Business and Pandora / Pandora One?
  Do I need a Pandora account to use Pandora for Business?
  What is the difference between my Mood Media account for Pandora for Business and my Pandora account itself?
  Why do I need a media player to use Pandora for Business?
  Who is Mood Media and what does Mood Media do?
  Does Mood Media cover all of the required music licenses to use the Pandora for Business music service?
  Do I have to commit to a long-term agreement for my Pandora for Business subscription?
  Is Pandora for Business available outside of the United States?
  Can I use my existing Pandora account and the stations I created?
  Are there advertisements or interruptions in Pandora for Business?
  How many subscriptions do I need?
  If I have more than 1 location, can I play the same station in multiple locations?
  If I have more than 1 location, do I need a subscription and media player for each location or "zone" of my business?
  Can I associate multiple Pandora accounts to a Mood Media media player?
  What if I have other music in my business in addition to the Pandora business service?
  Am I limited to a specific number of listening hours every day/month?
  Is connecting the Mood media player to my network safe?
  Does my Mood media player need software or any other updates?
  Is music stored on the media player with Pandora for Business?
  What type of amplification equipment do I need?
  What type of internet connection do I need?
  Is there a warranty on Mood Media media players for the Pandora for Business service?
  What is the Return and Cancellation Policy for Pandora for Business?
  What if my business has a large number of locations? Will Pandora for Business work for me?
  How do I update my credit card information for billing?
  Where can I see my payment history?
  What do I do if I don't know my Pandora for Business (Mood Media) password?

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