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  How do I update my credit card information for billing?

To reactivate a subscription after a payment fails, Login to your account

1) Make sure your device is plugged in and online
2) If it's been longer than one month, you may need to reauthorize payment by adding a new card, even if you see your existing card on file. The system will reject your attempt to add the card if its still valid.
3) Select “My Payment Data” to add a payment method.
4) Go to "My Subscriptions", click "Change Card on File" next to the subscription.
5) Select the desired card from the bottom of the drop-down menu and click "Update Subscription".
6) From "My Subscriptions" tab, click "Details" and click on the Reactivate link on the top right. Be patient as it verifies your payment method. You will receive a success message or payment failure message.
7) Your device will reactivate within 15 minutes as long as payment was verified, and the device is online and working. An email will be sent to verify the device status.
8) From the "My Payment Data" tab, you may delete old card(s) - Note: cannot delete 'card in use', must follow steps above to assign new cc to the sub(s) first

If your music is not back on within 20 minutes, contact Mood Media Customer Service at 800-929-5407 or fill out the reactivation request form. A representative will help re-activate your subscription and your media player.

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