To activate the Pandora ProFusion player using your mobile device and the Mood Controller 2.0 app:

Download Mood Controller from the App Store or Google Play

To get started:

  • Plug in and turn on your ProFusion.
  • If you have a ProFusion iO, connect the included USB WiFi adapter. Even if you are not planning to connect your player to a WiFi network, you will need the adapter for the initial player activation.
  • Open Mood Controller on your mobile device and follow the in-app instructions.
  • Download Quick Start Guide
  • Download User Guide

If the app does not discover your player, you can still find the IP address using the player’s audio outputs:

  • Connect the player’s audio outputs to your sound system. You may want to perform this process after hours.
  • Using a paperclip, press the reset button on the back of the player for 1 second and be ready to write down the IP address when you hear it.
  • After 1 second, you will hear the IP address read over your sound system. You may repeat the process if you need to hear the IP address again.
  • You may also hear a second Wi-Fi IP address. Use the first address for initial setup. If you have already configured your player for Wi-Fi, use the second address.
  • Paste the IP address to your browser (do not add “www” or “.com” etc.) and hit Enter. Your browser will be directed to the Online Control Panel for your player.
  • Bookmark the Online Control Panel page for faster access in the future.

Please see this article if you need to activate a ProFusion iS model player.

For more details on logging into the Online Control Panel and configuring your player:

Download Quick Start Guide
Download User Guide

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