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Discover the ProFusion iO Pandora

Once you receive your Mood Media media player, you will need to discover the player's IP address to access the Online Control Panel. Press the Discover button to search for your player.

You will need Java installed on your computer and allow pop-ups for this search. If your player does not appear, follow the instructions below to manually discover your player's IP address.

** Chrome is no longer supporting NPAPI - the technology required for Java applets. In order to use our discovery tool, you will need to switch to Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari instead.

NOTE ** This page "http://pandora.moodmedia.com/activate/" will need to be added to the JAVA exception list in the JAVA configuration security tab to allow the discovery app to run with the current version of JAVA **

On Windows: Start Menu> Search Configure Java> Security tab and add the page to the exception list.
On Mac: Finder > Applications > System Preferences > Java > Security tab and add the page to the exception list.

After the exception is added the web browser will need to be restarted.

Players Found on Your Network

How to Manually Discover the Player

Quick Start Guide

Information on setting up your Mood Media media player


User Guide

More details on using and operating your player


This method plays back the IP address through the player’s audio outputs. You may want to perform this method of discovery after hours.

  1. Obtain and record the player’s IP address. Using a paperclip, press the Reset button on the rear panel of the player for one second. Your ProFusion iO Pandora will playback its IP address. Write this down. To hear it again, repeat this step.

    NOTE: You may hear a second IP address identified as the Wireless IP address. For initial setup, you will need the first IP address played, identified simply as “IP address.” If you have already configured your player for Wi-Fi, use the Wi-Fi IP address.

  2. Launch your web browser and in the address field, enter your player’s IP address. (Do not type “www.” or “.com”) Then, press Enter.
  3. Accept the security certificate.

    NOTE: You will receive notice that the site/certificate is untrusted or invalid. This is because it’s a self-signed certificate. It is safe to accept this local certificate.

  4. You will arrive at the Online Control Panel login page. Bookmark this page for quick access to your Online Control Panel.

You can perform a discover at any time in the future in the event you lose the IP address.

Need help? Contact Mood Media at 800-929-5407 or online through the Contact Us page. More resources are available on the Get Support page.