The Power of Pandora
Designed For Business

Get the music you want and the peace of mind you need with Pandora for Business, brought to you exclusively by Mood Media.

Loved by more than 100 million people for personal use, Pandora Internet Radio is available in a version that’s fully licensed for business.

Pandora for Business combines the fun and personalization of Pandora’s consumer application with Mood Media’s business and licensing expertise. The result? A super affordable, easy-to-use and tailored music solution that elevates your customer experience.

What's The Difference?

Mood Media + Pandora for Business vs. Pandora “personal”

Playing music in a business over a loudspeaker is commercial use and requires specific music licensing. With a Mood Media account and media player you can now use Pandora to play music in your business for your customers. Without Mood Media, Pandora is for personal use – at home, on your mobile phone, in your car, and more.


Try it. Love it. Or your money back.*

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Whether you own a single location or thousands of stores, Pandora for Business makes in-store music as simple as it should be. Stations can be personalized for each location individually or centrally managed to create a consistent music experience across all sites.

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  • Easy set-up, reliable media player
  • Just enter an artist, song, or genre to create a station
  • No third-party ads or interruptions
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  • Create stations and use “thumbs” to fine tune
  • Automated station dayparting
  • Explicit content filter
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  • Access to all Pandora artists, tracks,
    and genres including seasonal music
  • Unlimited listening hours and no time-outs
  • Less repetition – no looping of playlists
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  • Musicians receive proper compensation for using their music
  • Support the artists so they can continue to bring you great music
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  • All tracks fully licensed
  • Specifically for businesses
  • Get peace of mind
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  • $26.95 subscription/mo., no contract
  • Affordable media player
  • Easy, automatic billing

Note: Some features are handled by your Mood Media media player for Pandora for Business and only apply when you’re listening to Pandora via your Mood Media player. That means if you’re using Pandora on your home computer, mobile phone or other device, your Pandora experience will reflect whatever consumer Pandora account you have (standard or Pandora One).


Subscription $26.95/month / Media Player $99 / No Contract

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*Activate your subscription to Pandora for Business. If not completely satisfied, simply cancel your account
within 30-days and receive a full refund of your purchase and subscription. One media player required per subscription.