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No hassle. No worries. Each Pandora for business subscription consists of a player for a one-time fee of $99 and a recurring monthly subscription of $26.95. If not completely satisfied, simply cancel your account within 30-days and receive a refund for your purchase. See terms for details. 

Why do I need a player?
When it comes to streaming music in your business, reliability is critical. Our ProFusion player device ensures industry’s best continuity and playback. Plug-and-play in minutes. Enjoy seamless setup and reliable connection to your existing or new sound system. 

Please Note: 
You will need a subscription and ProFusion player for each location or zone. 

What is a zone?

Example 1:
A single location with the same music played throughout would be one zone and need 1 subscription and player (Put 1 in the quantity box). 

Example 2:
A single location with different music played in 2 different areas would be 2 zones and need 2 subscriptions and players (Put 2 in the quantity box). 

Example 3:
Two different locations with the same needs for each location as Example 2 would need 4 subscriptions and players (Put 4 in the quantity box).